About Us

About Us

Welcome to Shroff Textile Exports. 

Shroff’s path-breaking success story started in 1990 in Coimbatore, a city dubbed as the “Manchester of South India” and a bustling industrial hub of TamilNadu, with efficient infrastructure and engineering excellence. Our journey began with the manufacture and supply of the best cotton textiles in India. Thanks to two decades of sheer grit, manufacturing innovation and exponential growth; today, we are one of the leading cotton textile exporters in the country.

We set up our export marketing office in Mumbai (Maharashtra), the financial capital of India, while our corporate office and factories are based out of Coimbatore. Our TFO operations are based in Maharashtra.

It didn’t take much time for us to expand our designated Spinning Capacity to 20,000kg per day of cotton yarn and 10,000kg per day of Polyester & cotton blend yarn. Our weaving division, located in TamilNadu, helps us produce wider width fabric.

We use only DCH32, simply India’s highest staple length fibre, for our spinning yarn and Shankar-6 for different knitting applications, enabling us to establish high-quality standards. Though awards and accolades don’t speak of what we are today, they, definitely, are a reflection of our consistent export performance over the years.



Our Vision

To earn our customer’s trust & loyalty by anticipating their needs and proactively creating value in their work sphere. To be synonymous with reliability, responsiveness, quality and efficient after-sales service.

Our Mission

To offer customized & innovative solutions with a sense of competitive urgency.


To provide the best with a sense of accountability and zero tolerance for compromise on quality.


  • Government recognized || Two-Star Export house
  • International Organization for Standardization || ISO 9001:2015
  • Oeko-Tex || Standard 100
  • Control Union GOTS Certified
  • CARE Rating of BB- || Investment grade || Stable outlook
  • AEO Certificate Issued by Indian Customs

Care of Environment

We also take our going-green commitment very seriously and produce clean wind power with installed capacity of 5 MegaWatts. We have 100% governmental and legal compliance record.

Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) certification

Shroff Textile Exports is certified to ‘The Better Cotton Initiative’ (BCI), the biggest cotton sustainability programme internationally. BCI, along with its partners, offer robust training on sustainable agricultural practices to no less than 2 million cotton growers in 21 nations. In the 2017-2018 cotton season alone, licensed BCI farmers helped produce in excess of 5 million metric tonnes of ‘Better Cotton’, and that is roughly 19 percent of the amount of cotton produced around the world.

The BCI enables production of global cotton that’s better for the producers, better for the future of the sector—and still better for the environment it is grown in. With BCI certification, we aim at changing the way cotton is produced globally through development of ‘Better Cotton’ as a sustainable commodity.

In order to accomplish this, BCI partners with different stakeholders across the entire cotton supply chain and sector to encourage tangible and continuous improvements for the agricultural communities, environment and the economies of cotton-growing regions.

From reducing the impact of growing cotton on the environment, ameliorating livelihoods and economy development in cotton growing areas, demonstrating commitment to and movement of Better Cotton across supply ecosystem to establishing credibility and ensuring the sustainability of the Better Cotton Initiative, we aspire to create a better future together.

100% Organic Yarn

100% organic yarn is cotton fibre that is cultivated, processed, and certified in accordance with organic standards. Organic cotton is grown without using any synthetic pesticides unlike conventional cotton. In this regard, we are certified for OEKO-Tex certified yarn and Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), both globally accredited organic textile standards. This means the cotton fibre used isn’t treated with formaldehyde, bleach or any other toxic materials. Only non-toxic dyes are used for colouring.

We ensure enforcement of stringent environmental and social standards, treating the environment as well as the employees with respect they deserve. Being GOTS certified, we guarantee all our products meet the highest organic textile standards.

Export Market

Our clientele base is far and wide, all over the world, including Algeria, Bangladesh, Bangkok, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, China, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Guatemala, Hongkong, Iran, India, Indonesia, Italy, Myanmar, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Peru, Portugal, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Spain, Singapore, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey , Thailand, Taiwan, UAE, USA and Vietnam. We are always in the quest for establishing new markets. And we have every reason to do so as customer satisfaction is our sole mantra. We trust our dedicated workforce to deliver exceptional performance at all stages.

Quality Control

Our quality parameters, infrastructure and technology are duly designed to meet international quality standards. All yarns are thoroughly tested and checked in Uster Laboratory before shipment to customers. When it comes to fabrics, they are woven on Airjet or Sulzer looms or knitted on Meyer & Cie, Terrot and Pailung knitting machines, and inspected according to the 4 point system.